Sunday, February 7, 2010

Asian Table Showers Asian Massage With Table Shower?

Asian Massage with Table Shower? - asian table showers

What can you expect from a coffee table, asian massage shower available?

What are your views on this service and the people involved?


briank. said...

In my experience, they are known to man, nothing more. It is as if a stranger you know when you sit in your hand until .............. Numb, I think you know the rest
sofiscitated and go only to these types of joints

Mr Ric said...

Asian have small hands and usually give the best hand jobs. Get with baby oil.

People say that paying for sex is bad, but girls go into the bar and let people buy drinks and then support them, or bang or rides. They are all prostitutes, but a few different paid for the money. Why not a prostitute is cheaper and do a better job.

tballz said...

I do not know what a table shower, but ...

It seems scandalous that people pay for such services.

Stripppers, prostitutes, whores and make sense, I suppose, that more and prolly pay the rest of us good girls injured by the animals for sex.

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